Why I’m always late

It never used to be that way. I wasn’t always a late person, in fact, I was often, “I’ll get there 3 minutes early” type of person. I didn’t want to get anywhere too early and just be sitting around, but a couple minutes to spare always made me right on time.

Now, I’m always regularly late.  And this is a point of contention in my marriage.

See, my husband is always early.  Like 10 minutes early.  To everything.  So the fact that I am always running late to meet him, pick him up, get out the door often causes stress in our marriage. 

And recently, I think I’ve uncovered the reason why I’m often late.

I’m an efficient person by nature. I like to carry all the groceries in the house in one trip, even if that means wrangling a toddler on my ankle and ‘dragging’ 8 bags on each arm.  When I go upstairs, I like to carry everything that needs to to up at the same time so my trip up is efficient.  Heaven help me if I forget something upstairs in the morning and have to make an extra trip – it drives me mad!  So naturally, when I get ready to go some where, I don’t drag out the process.  I am ready – shower to walking out the door in 20 mins.  (*30 if I have to look extra nice and do something fancy with my hair.)

But then I had kids.  And darn those kids if they aren’t a handful and a half to get out the door ontime.

So while I still try to get ready as efficiently as possible, I often don’t make room for errant time – where a bottle just got thrown across the floor and the cap busted open, or a last minute poopie diaper that has to be changed again before we walk out the door.

Also, in many instances, the time it takes me to get both of the kids dressed and myself ready is the same amount of time it takes my husband to get ready… he just isn’t quite as fast as I am when it comes to shower, dress, etc. He might have to iron something or do his hair gel, so I get overwhelmed trying to work on three bodies as quick as I can, and then it’s a mad rush to get wherever we need to go.

I know, the simple solution is to add 20 minutes to my exit time and then I won’t be in a rush. But what fun is that when I am trying to break time records with my quickness?  It’s hard to have the extra 20 minutes and lollygag around getting ready in a slow but steady pace.  There is something about rushing around and being as fast as I can that makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of my day.  Like I’m “winning” extra time by always havhustling out the door.

Hey, I’m working on it.  It’s just hard to reverse that Bradbury-late-gene that flares up in my system.


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