Today, my parents celebrate 32 years of marriage. Their relationship has grown and changed so much over the course of the years… from being smitten teenagers, to raising three kids (amazing kids!) during tight times, to raising “sometimes-rebellious” teenagers and then sending them off (and letting them come home!). Now they have an empty nest that is filled with the laughter of exchange students and lots of grandbabies visiting. They’ve gone through high highs and low lows together – walking side by side, hand in hand.

I am so proud of the work they do in their marriage. I think we all know marriage is hard work – it’s constantly evolving and there are always two perspectives to factor in. They’ve worked on their marriage for over thirty years – tweaking and refining as they go. Compromising. Loving. Communicating.

I want that for my marriage too. I want to work on it. To compromise. To love. To communicate.

I hope that in 30+ years, Dean and I have a marriage that stands the test of time. That we can walk through the highs and lows together. Just like my parents.

Congrats mom and dad on another year in the books, another notch in the belt – 32 and going strong!






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