“I’m Free (Three)…”



We’ve been hearing it for weeks now… “I’m turning free (three)…” from our oldest ‘baby’.  Yes, today is that day.

After many weeks, then days of counting down. After watching and helping Brother open all of his birthday gifts after his big party.  After the disappointment of it being Harleigh’s special day and not his.  After many rounds of present shopping recently for others and not for him.. it is finally here.




You are such a joy to be around.  I honestly don’t know how I was blessed with such an angel of a child.  From day one, you’ve been the easiest little guy – you slept well, ate well, played well, napped well.  You already have so many great traits – easygoing, loving, fun. thoughtful, sweet, nurturing, silly, active, smart, handsome, obedient, respectful… the list goes on and on.  You will continue to develop your character as you get older and already you are off to a great start.

This past year has been such an amazing blessing… watching you become a little boy.  Full sentences and two-way conversations.  An understanding of humor.  Athletic ability.  Listening to directions.  Learning so many things.  Too many questions 🙂 , there’s so much you want to know.

Every day you teach me new things… about grace, unwavering love, sweet moments, the importance of each hour in my day, the joy in simple things.

I am so proud of the little boy you are and the milestones you continually achieve.  I am so proud to call you my son.

Happy third birthday to my Bubba.





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