Easter Candy

As per usual retail guidelines, I’m sure that like my local grocery store, you walked into your’s on Feb 15th and were overwhelmed by the Easter candy assortment.  It’s funny how the day after a holiday you always find the mass of retail goods that are filling the shelves for the next holiday.

Since Easter is filling my store aisles lately, I bring to you my top 5 Easter candy favorites:

5. This one may come as a shock – Snicker eggs – both regular and peanut butter flavor work, I’m not particular.  This is a new addition to my candy repertoire. In fact, I’m not a big snickers lover, I think there are too many flavors mixed together.  And it’s my husbands favorite candy bar! But since I’ve bought them for him for many, many Easter’s I’ve come to enjoy them – and snickers definitely taste better in the egg shape than the candy bar shape!

4. Starburst jellybeans –  Yes, regular jelly beans were not good… But these Starburst jellybeans are delicious. They have the right consistency, flavor.  Just delicious.  (A second favorite in the jellybean category are the Sweettart jelly beans – they give you the tart punch and the the sweet aftertaste! Excellent combo.)

3. Reese peanut butter eggs – Yes, I am a peanut butter and chocolate lover.  And something about the egg shape, and not the standard crimped edge of the regular peanut butter cups makes these a definite Easter basket find each year!

2. Reese pieces eggs – To me, regular Reese pieces are too much coated candy shell and not enough peanut butter filling, however, all that is remedied with the Reese pieces eggs.  They have tons of peanut butter filling.

1. Cadbury creme eggs. Like Peeps and other “easter” candy, I’ve noticed that they are trying to bring Cadbury eggs out for other holidays. I don’t like this.  Even as a Cadbury lover, I enjoy the lack of supply during other times of the year, which makes me want them that much more during the holidays.

And for my friends and family who are wondering – yes, the noticeably absent Peep.  While they were always something I loved as a kid, in recent years, I’ve enjoyed them less and less – something about the amount of sugar on the outside isn’t as appealing to me as it used to be.  Don’t worry, if I find them in my Easter basket, I always partake, but they tend to be there towards the end and aren’t a favorite like they were in past years.

What about you, do you have a favorite candy that must make an appearance in your basket each year?

snicker eggs starburst  reese eggs reese piececadbury

P.S. the WORST CANDY – tie – black jelly beans and malted balls – YUCK!


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