Landon Says the Darndest Things

“Polite” conversations this week:

(After an incident at school last week where Landon hit his cousin with a shovel during sandbox time and got a timeout. Fast forward to a few days later getting ready for school in the morning.)

Mom – Landon are we going to have good behavior at school today?
Landon – Yes, no hitting and go pee pee on the potty.
Mom – What happens when we hit our friends?
Landon – We might get timeout or spankings.
Mom – Yep
Landon – Mom, can I please not hit kids today so I can have good behavior?

Yes, thanks for asking so nicely to not hit your friends.

*   *   *

(On the playground, after Landon was unsafely leaning off the top of the slide.)

Mom – Landon, please make sure you’re safe up there, I don’t want you to fall and get hurt.
L – (Pulling himself back from the edge.) Mom, can I please try to be safe and not get hurt?
M – Yes.
L – Mom, thanks for letting me be safe.

Sure, glad that you appreciate being safe!


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