Thank you and a Dean Family Weekend

Brooksie’s new thing is ‘thank you’.
Hand him a sippy cup.
Ank you.

Give him a high five.
Ank you.

Hand him a graham cracker.
Ank you.

Pass him a toy car.
Ank you.

I hope he’s still this polite when the terrible 2’s hit 😉

Brooks Matthew - 14 mos.

Brooks Matthew – 14 mos.

Landon Robert - 3 y.o.

Landon Robert – 3 y.o.

This weekend will be a 3 day weekend of Dean Family Fun.  And who wouldn’t look forward to seeing these sweet faces all weekend!

With daddy starting his new job on Tuesday, we’re making this a true long weekend.  It will be a weekend of playing at parks, eating dinner out, doing kids activities (indoor or outdoor depending on the weather) and just hanging out!  And I’m sure if daddy has anything to say about it, there will be some basketball watching with his sons!

Bring on the family fun!


One comment

  1. Oh my goodness! Brooks is getting so big! Our babies are growing up too fast. Let me know if you guys want to do a playdate this weekend. Joel took his own 3 day weekend to play golf and watch bball, ha! lol

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