Easter Egg Coloring 101

easter eggs 2013 (3)

Easter Egg Coloring 101

Step 1.  Get super excited when you see the egg coloring tablet fizzing away in the cups!

Step 2. Drop first egg in cup from 6 inches above cup and see a huge splash of colored water fly all over the place.

Step 3. Listen to mom tell you to place it carefully into the cup.

Step 4.  Drop second egg 3 inches above cup making a small, but still sizeable mess.

Step 5. See mom give you the stink eye for your lack of egg dropping expertise.

Step 6. Try repeatedly to master the “cheap bent-wire-hanger contraption” that is supposed to be used as a removal tool.

Step 7.  Get so excited when you pull your first masterpiece out and see the beautiful speckled skin.

Step 8.  Smile huge (i.e. eyes scrunched closed) with your favorite egg while mom takes a picture.

easter eggs 2013 (1)

easter eggs 2013 (2)


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