A Halfiversary

I was recently putting special dates on my calendar – birthdays, holidays, etc – as this time of the year gets busy for my family with three months of holidays and birthdays packed together.  I was also putting the boys Half-birthdays on the calendar.  As I’ve mentioned before on my blog, this is a tradition that Dean’s family did growing up that we decided to incorporate into our family.

When I was filling in my months, I realized that today was Dean and I’s Halfiversary.  This is not a holiday we usually celebrate, but today, in honor of our 4.5 year milestone, I bring you 4.5 interesting facts about us.

1. Dean is a listmaker – and I am too.  I am constantly finding little to do lists titled “Monday” or “Saturday” with his list of items to get done that day.  It can run the gamut from “honey do things” to “play golf”.  I also love a good to-do list and will also have a long – it takes weeks to complete – list.

2. We get our best talking done on family walks around the neighborhood, some nights when we lay in bed chatting, and on car trips.  When there is no distraction/interruption from phone, tv and the kids are just chilling or asleep, we have our best conversations – what are our long-term plans, what does our dream house look like, what are we struggling with in our job, the latest parenting story, etc.

3. I think parenting has caused our relationship to grow so much stronger.  While kids are such hard work and very “time-consuming” – having to lean on each other so much through the parenting process has caused us to see so many strong qualities I may not have seen so clearly if it was just the two of us.  i.e., his compassion and care, especially when our boys are under the weather, his ability to stay up at 3am strolling a crying, teething baby around the living room, his organization when it comes to the kids things he’s responsible for – they always are done right on time.

4. I love giving. Dean loves getting.  I am constantly trying to think of new and creative things to get for him for birthdays or just because. Something he’s mentioned off-hand once or something he needs and doesn’t even know it.  I hate only getting him things on his list.  He usually likes when I stick to the list because his list is often the latest and greatest expensive gadgets.

1/2. Dean is a morning person.  I hate mornings.
I am a night owl.  Dean is hard pressed to make it past 9:30pm.

Happy Halfiversary to my funny, hard-working, strong, sensitive, supportive husband.

I love you and I love the life we’ve created together.  Can’t wait to celebrate many more anniversaries, holidays and other halfiversary’s side by side.



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