Before and After: New Floors

Dean and I decided a couple years ago that we wanted to put in hardwoods in our downstairs.  Then baby #1 came along.  Then baby #2 came along.  Then we wanted to wait until baby #2 wasn’t so clunky and wouldn’t take as many spills on the hard floor.
Then we got a nice tax refund, Dean had a couple weeks between his jobs, and baby #2 was ‘upright’.  It was the perfect storm to get it done.  So we did it.  We decided to “look into it” on a Tuesday.  By Friday, we were looking at a new downstairs.

We are thrilled with the upgrade and Dean did a great job being ‘project manager’ – I’m going to have to put him in charge of even more projects around the house 🙂

Here are some before and afters:

floors before and after

Notes: 1 – Why do they put carpet in dining rooms – that is so stupid.  That’s where people eat and food gets all over the place. It’s as stupid as people who have carpet in their bathrooms – especially their toilet areas – what happens when the throne runneth over?

2 – How cute is my little model – he wanted to make sure he was in all my shots!

3 – Yes, the kitchen doesn’t look very different in these pics – but it was a laminate floor before and now it’s a light (similar but slightly darker) colored tile. The difference between the white we had before and the cream now is amazing. With little kids who constantly throw stuff on the floor, it really does a good job concealing the smudges between floor cleanings.


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