Kids Say: Dad’s Driving

Landon and I were recently playing a game.  I’d ask him “would you rather/do you like” questions and he’d respond.

M: “Do you like green or orange better?”
L:  “Orange”

M: “Would you rather eat a banana or yogurt?”
L: “Yogurt.”

M: “Would you rather ride in mom’s car or dad’s car?”
L:  “Moms car… with dad riding in his own car.”
M: “Dad riding in his own car?!”
L: “Yeah, and just mommy driving.  Daddy drives his own car.  Daddy’s driving is too scary. Whir, whir… (as he imitates flying all across the backseat with  a crazy driver!)”


Dear Husband,
This just proves that I’m not the only one who thinks you are a crazy driver.

Esposa  (and obviously Landon!) 😉


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