Did you know?

To let you know some of the little known intricacies of Ginger, I am sharing 5 random facts about myself today:

1. I don’t use umbrellas.  I’d rather run in and out of the car quickly and get a little wet (or a lot – depending on the downpour level) than to try to fiddle with opening and shutting an umbrella and getting in the car, while holding an umbrella outside of my car, trying to close it.

2. When it comes to icing more is better. I know many people say that there is too much icing on their cake/cupcake.  For me, I’d rather have 2/3rds icing (vanilla buttercream, if you’re asking) and only 1/3 cake (chocolate, if you’re asking).  I love the sugary sweetness of a big bite of icing with just a little bit of moist cake to mellow it.

3. I am currently addicted to Solitare. I added it on my phone a few months ago and I play it all the time.  Sometimes at night, when I’m trying to fall asleep, I envision a game and the moves I would be making.  It’s causing me to miss out on sleep… I’m gonna have to reign it in!

4. I feel naughty (like a rebellious teenager) when I sometimes eat midnight snacks in bed.  Growing up we were not allowed to take food out of the kitchen, so on the rare occassion that I want a late night treat, I run downstairs and grab something and bring it up into bed.  Whether it’s a handful of crackers/chips or a bowl of something sugary – I feel like I’m getting away with something.

5. I have an Elevation Church sticker on my car and whenever I cut across the lane late or do some kind of bad driving move, I always feel guilty.  Like, please don’t judge Elevation for my bad driving move.  Knowing it’s on there definitely makes me think twice about cutting someone off.

So now you know… 5 random things!


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