Little Boys Lunch

These sweet guys get to hang out together every weekday.  Recently, they’ve started spending time at the big kids table instead of always being in the high chairs.

One day, I caught them enjoying their little boys lunch.

Of course, they only grunt and say a few words right now, but if they could talk in full sentences, I’m sure this was their lunchtime convo:

Laws: Brooks, are you going to finish that?
Brooks: Of course not, when do I ever eat my full meal?  I gotta keep up my “picky, disinterested eater” thing that I’ve got going for me.
Laws: Nice, slip some of that extra on my plate.
Brooks:  Here – let me feed it to you – I know with all the consistent eating you do, you’re doing non-stop “food curls” through the day, let me give those biceps a rest for you.  Open wide!

little boys lunch

Such cuties. Eating and non-eating cuties.


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