Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

Happy birthday today.

I’m sure you don’t know this, but I’ve been thinking about you a lot more lately.  As I go through these stages of parenting, I’m baffled.  Sometimes discipline and training is so hard.  Often, when I’m in the throes of a parenting challenge, I flashback to moments of my childhood.  How did my parents react when we were out of hand? What were some of the techniques that seemed to work?  And what I mostly remember of my childhood was your calm presence when we were getting disciplined.

Yes, of course, there were the occasional times that we drove you into heated anger, but for the most part, you always were very loving when we were disciplined and reprimanded.  It often drove me crazy the way you’d calmly tell me you had to discipline but you wanted to do it in love.  I remember thinking, “sure, you love me and this is why you’re spanking me/grounding me/taking privlidges.”  But now, as a parent, it makes sense.  You wanted me to become a better person and didn’t want a spoiled brat or a compulsive liar or a disrespectful bully running around.  You wanted me to be better than I was.

Thanks for taking the time (and patience) to train us calmly and with love.  As I go through this with Landon, I realize what a feat it can be.

It is such a blessing to look back on my childhood and have so many fond memories of how I was raised.

Thank you.

Happy, happy birthday to an awesome(ly patient) Dad, Boss and Papa.




  1. Hello Mom, You are so right about parenting. Wish my dad had a little more patience and understanding then he did….. I love reading your posts because they seem to bring out the best in me and at time laughing and tears that I didn’t even know I had in me…. You should be a minister. Anyway Your are awesome, Thank You for sharing….

  2. Thanks Ginger for adding some more special spice to my birthday! Lunch was good too. It’s great to see you developing into the thoughtful mom/wife that you’re becoming. Reading your blog will often leave a lump in my throat as your words bring back many memories. I am very proud of you.

    Props to my father. He’s the one who modeled patience in his loving discipline of me and my siblings. I loved when he did it right. It worked!

    Love those boys, all three of them, with patience and kindness and you’ll get it back in return.

    Love dad

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