Why’s and Initiating Conversation

In the past week or so, here is a typical conversation with Landon.

Mom: Landon, go sit in your seat for dinner
Landon: Why?
M: Because it’s time to eat.
L: Why?
M: It’s 6:30 and we need to eat our food so we aren’t hungry tonight.
L: Why?
M: Please don’t ask me ‘why’ anymore.
L: Why?
M: (show Landon zipped lips and silence as I will not respond to any more of his crazy “why’s”)


Lately, Brooks wants in on the verbal action.  Before, he would only mimick some of the words we say, but now he’s got a voice of his own.  Without prompting, he points out and says “Doddy (doggy)” when we pass our four-legged friends on walks in the neighborhood.  When I get him out of bed in the morning, he reaches back through the crib bars and grabs his blankie promptly informing me “ahh Lankie” is what he wanted.  When I try to get him to eat another bite of food he’ll say, “no mah (no more)” and push my hand away (or if it’s ice cream it is “mah, mah”).  At Gigi and Papa’s house he’ll stand by the backdoor and say, “fishy fishy” because he wants to see Papa’s fish pond.  When Ms. Cheryl leaves at the end of the day he waves and says “bye bye”.  I love that he’s initiating the conversation – asking for the things he wants – and he’s not just repeating words I say.

I am amazed at how quickly he picks up new vocabulary.  It seems that sometimes these milestones just fly by.


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