Fashion Fail

I’m a pretty low key parent.  Usually, the only time I really care about how my kids look is when we have a photo shoot or maybe a big affair – party, wedding – to attend.  90% of the time I wear work out attire so I’m sure that has something to do with my lack of fashion sense for both myself and my kids.

Now, there are many days I think they look absolutely adorable.  I’d say their general style is a mix of surfer dude/frat boy – a little preppy and a little chill.

Two examples of a day where they weren’t dressed up but I still think they look bite-those-little-cheeks cute:

fashion (1) fashion (2)

However, there are instances where I grab the first thing and then even when I put it on and decide – that doesn’t look good – I leave it on them, because candidly, I don’t have time to give my kids 3 outfit changes each morning to make sure they are looking like little rockstars.  It’s not worth the whining and pulling as I try to get them in and out of arm holes and headholes…

Case in point – earlier this week I had a Fashion Fail:

fashion fail

I’m sorry, Brooks, please tell your future therapist I apologize for the unwise fashion choices and I hope this hasn’t scarred you for life!

Yes, those are tall socks with shorts (which Daddy can’t stand – gotta be no-shows!) and a one piece collared/golf outfit that might be a little risque in length on a sweet boy with a look of disgust on his face!

Hey, at least the fro detracted a little bit from the shorty shorts!


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