Landon on Gun Protection

Last week, we were sitting around the dinner table discussing our evening plans.  I told Dean that after dinner I wanted to go on a short run and then meet them at the park (instead of the usual where we all walk/stroll together).  Landon heard me making plans and had some suggestions for my safety.

“Mom, do you have your gun in your purse?”

“What?” I replied, looking at Dean with my “did I hear him right” look. From Dean’s face, I knew he heard the same thing.

“Do you have your gun in your purse – so you can have it when you run?” he elaborated.

“Bubba, who told you about carrying a gun in your purse? Did someone from school tell you about this?” I ask.  Meanwhile, my mind is wandering – where has he heard about guns before – did someone at school tell him about this, another kid in class, or did he overhear something on the news?  How does he know about people carrying guns?

“Landon, mommy doesn’t carry a gun in her purse and we live in a safe area of town, so we don’t need to carry a gun when we’re running,” I continued.

“Ms. ____  at school has a gun in her purse.”

“Who has a gun at school?”  I look over at Dean and we are both confused and now quite concerned about Landon’s environment at school.

“Ms. ___ has a gun.  Just like you.  I always see you put your gun in your mouth when you’re running.”

Lightbulb flash.

“Oh, Bubba, you mean GUM.  Yes, I have gum in my purse that I chew when I go running.”

Practice saying “Gum, Gum, GUMMMM.”

“Oh, gum.” He said – oblivious that his lack of pronunciation caused me a slight heart attack.



One comment

  1. That would have caused my wife and I more than just one heart attack waiting for the “Gum” come out of this conversation… lol. I almost had one just reading this. Awesome Post…

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