Ingredients for a great day

I know many times I’ll say a great day is a fun activity with my kids, dinner date with the hubs and relaxation time by myself. But in looking at my daily life, I’ve realized there are some specific things that make my average ‘every day’ into a great day:

1 – Fun, easygoing, non-whiney kids. When my kids have a great day with lots of sharing and little yelling, it makes my day great.
2 – When I get exercise in my day, I notice that I have more energy and I also feel better about myself.
3 – When I make time to read my bible, my day is better. I am more focused on being a better person and putting things into practice that I read during my quiet time.
4 – Days I straighten up the house, or get some type of “housekeeping” done, makes my day great. Something about checking a to-do off my mental list and keeping the house in order gives me a feeling of success.
5 – The times when my husband gives me positive affirmation or recognizes something I’ve done validate my work for the day and make me feel appreciated.

What are the keys that make your ‘every day’ great?


One comment

  1. Great Question! Mine are;

    1 – Study God’s Word and saying my Prayers throughout day.

    2 – Making my wife smile, laugh, blush, and not in that order.

    3 – Doing the Work of the Lord through out Ministry.

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