He makes them feel special

I love when my husband does things that make my boys feel special. There are moments when he just lifts them up and puts a smile on their face. Some of my favorite moments in the last week were:

1 – Daddy dancing around like a crazy fool with the boys when Brooks turned the music on. They all bounced and waved their hands all over the place. My husband NEVER dances in public, so he was showing his moves and they were loving dance time, with no idea that Daddy was acting out of his element for them.

2 – The impromptu toothfairy visit. Landon’s electric toothbrush started to go and it just didn’t have the juice it usually has. Daddy told Landon that he’d see if the toothfairy could pay a special visit to help fix his toothbrush. And lo and behold, a new battery was in place when Landon brushed his teeth the next morning. (“Mom, Dad, my toothfairy came!”) I love how sweet Dean is when he thinks of the “little things” for our boys.

3 – Daddy keeping the boys busy and entertained with stroller walks and basketball swishes while I prepped dinner. They love that special Daddy time and it’s sweet to see Dean and Landon have their own “special language” when they play basketball.

4 – Snuggle time at bedtime. Since we’ve weaned Brooks from getting a bottle to fall asleep, Daddy will lay in our bed with Brooksie and snuggle while he gets his last bottle before taking him into bed. They are so peaceful and calm laying there together and cuddling. It’s just adorable.


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