it’s like getting carded…

This week I had a dentist appointment. Ugh – dentists – I dread this appointment. The picking and poking and grinding. However, this time, I loved the visit because of two incidents that made me feel so young!

– As I was called back from the waiting room, the hygenist asked if I was home on college break. “Home on break?! – Nope, I’m over 30,” I replied with a smile. “Do I really look like I could pass as a college kid?” She laughed when I told her I had two kiddo’s at home.

– Then as I finished and took my paperwork up to check out. The lady at the register asked, “Should I mail the statement to your parents?” Before I could even respond, she double checked my file and said, “Oh, you’re 31 – nevermind! ha!”

It was like getting carded when buying alcohol – always makes you feel good when they think you’re younger!


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