Kids Say: Landonisms

Dean and I’s most common nickname for Landon is Bubba, but sometimes I call Brooks by other nicknames including ones I’ve used for Landon… This particular morning, Brooks was banging my picture frames on the glass sidetable.

Me to Brooks: “Stop banging that Bubba, it’s gonna break!”
Landon to Me:  “Mom, that’s not your Bubba, that’s Brooksie, I’m your Bubba. Brooks is your Monkey (Monkey is one of my nicknames for Brooks).”


In the car riding back from the beach after a weekend of kids whining, not listening and lots of ‘baby talk’.  Brooks had been pointing out and saying “car” or “dog” every time we passed or saw one – which is A LOT on a three hour ride, Landon asked “why?” to about everything that came out of my mouth and I was ready for an adult conversation as it was 9:30 at night and I thought my kids would be asleep by then and just the hubs and I would be up.

Me to Dean “Dean, I need you to give me some adult conversation because if I hear ‘car’ or ‘dog’ or ‘why’ another time, I’m going to scream back here.” (as I was wedged between the two car seats trying to keep the peace)


Me (laughing with Dean) : “Adult conversation, Bubba, not dog conversation.”

Man, this kid makes me smile on a regular basis!


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