Doing and Saying: Landon

Oh my little boys, this stage has been the most fun so far. (Definitely challenging – as it’s the stage where I have two defiant boys who are toeing their boundaries – but so fun to have two boys who love each other, play with each other, engage each other and know each other.)

What are you doing right now – at 3 yrs 3 mos and almost 17 mos

Landon –
You are loving the built-in buddy of your brother. You love to make Brooks laugh by making crazy faces, playing hide and seek and chasing him around the kitchen, through the living room and dining room.  You love having bath time where you guys work together to fill cups and buckets and make soapy mohawks.  You’ve also started to be a little more independent. You want to turn on the shower by yourself, get the milk and yogurt out by yourself, go potty by yourself.  And while I love that you are gaining your independence in these areas, you’re also using this time to try to push the boundaries when it comes to respect.  We’ve had a lot of discipline lately over backtalk, not obeying and not listening.  This has been a hard stage to go through as it is frustrating when I work all day long to come home and spend a few hours with my kids and it’s often filled with times of discipline and tears.  When I only have the limited amount of time, I want to make it full of fun and exciting things together.

You are still so active all the time. Everywhere you go is a run. You love to be part of errands and chores.  You love the park, going on rides, slides, the pool, anything active.  You’re tall and skinny – not missing meals skinny, just athletic skinny.  As for missing meals, you don’t miss anything when it comes to food.  You love special treats and snacks.  You are a great eater, although in the past few months, it has sometimes been a little challenge at dinner to get you to focus on your meal. Nothing a “set timer” can’t fix. 🙂

I’ve noticed that while in the past you always tended to flow to the beat of your own drum, and do your own thing no matter what.  Lately, at school you tend to follow the other kids.  “I’ll do what Aaron’s doing”, or “Where is Rhyan?  I want the same as her.”   I hope that you will also learn to speak up and lead the crowd… choosing to do your own thing your own way, and not doing something just because everyone else is.

You are still in school two days a week – soon to be three days this summer – and you are just loving it.  You love the structured times, the free play, going outside and spending time with your friends.  You often don’t want to leave at pick up. “Mom, go home and come back later,” you tell me!  You still nap most days of the week – sometimes for 2-3 hours – but then there are times where you don’t nap at all and we catch you moving piles of things, playing with dad’s computer stuff or messing around in the room instead of resting. We’ll see how long nap times last.

You are so smart and pick up on so many things. You understand humor and sometimes you’ll say witty things and laugh because you know it’s going to crack us up.  You hate when mom or dad is upset with you and you’ll always say – “mom, can I say sorry now?” to try to smooth things over.  Keep that skill, Bubba, that is so important to be quick to apologize and also quick to forgive.

For learning you recognize all the letters of the alphabet and know how to write a couple – mostly “L” though, your favorite. Sometimes “D” and “P” get pencil time, too. You love to color and draw smiley faces.  Up next is numbers, you know how to count to 20 *(sometimes 15-20 get confusing) but don’t recognize the number when we see them yet. You speak really well and sometimes when dad and mom are having a conversation, you’ll repeat everything that we say because you are “practicing”.  You sing tons of songs and love to interpret for us things that Brooks wants or needs.  You love your role as big brother and showing and teaching him.

Landon, You are a little ball of energy – always wanting to go and do and see.  We are so proud of how much you do.  We love watching you teach and interact with your brother.  We hope you continue to love time with your family and learning.  These two things are so important right now, and always will be.  Keep making your own paths and hitting your own milestones, Bubba.  We love you so much.

Love, Mom and Dad

up tomorrow – Brooks and his milestones at 17 months


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