Doing and Saying: Brooks

Oh my little Monkey.  I just love the 1.5 year mark and all you are doing every day!

Brooks – Right now you adore your big brother.  You know his name and get so excited to see him in the mornings.  “Where Lahn-don” you say and you love when he comes in and hops into your crib with you for some morning play.  You just get so much joy seeing him and spending time with him. Your favorite things are definitely baths – and pouring as much water as possible out of the tub, going on walks in the stroller, playing chase with Daddy and Landon, spotting “Doggies!!” and pointing at them and playing basketball with Landon.  That was the best Christmas present we could have gotten you – a $20 plastic basketball set that you both enjoy together.

You love talking right now. You repeat tons of things we say and put together little sentences “Who is that?” “I want that.” “Baba en-ty (bottle empty).”  And your little voice is so sweet and innocent.  I love when I pray with you at bedtime and I say ” in Jesus’ name” and you always say “A-men.” Just precious. You constantly tell us that you want to watch “WHY, WHY!” which means you want to watch the show Super Why and you just love anything with songs.  We turn a music channel on the tv often and you love to bounce around and throw up your arms (especially with the salsa channel).  You also jam out to your favorite Elevation Worship songs in the car.  It’s hilarious to see your favorites come on and those arms wave around the car seat.

We are just getting to the stage where we’re trying to teach you “no” and have some repercussions when you don’t obey.  We aren’t disciplining yet, but forceful words and redirection is our method so far.  I know it’s only a matter of months before you start to get it and understand what we are telling you.

You love being outside.  You get so upset when we have to go inside – arms flailing and legs kicking.  Who knows, maybe this means you’ll be a park ranger or some other outdoorsman.  You definitely love to go, go, go and play, play, play.  Like your brother, you have a deep affinity for push toys – mowers, bikes, strollers, brooms – oh the tears we shed over brooms.  Anything you can push is great!

Brooks, you are my little ball of spunk but also a cuddle bug.  Often, if you don’t get your way (with a toy or broom) you will throw a tantrum on the floor and have a little meltdown.  Other times you can’t get enough of cuddles on Mommy’s shoulder.  With a very laid back Mommy, Daddy and Brother, it’s a new challenge to understand my feisty little Curly-head.

Right now you are still home with a nanny five days a week, but we’re looking at options to get you into school part-time so you can have that structured and kid-friendly setting, as well.  I love my Brooksie breaks through the day but also know that you are ready for the challenge of being with fun teachers and other kids and hopefully that is a path we can pursue.

Brooks, you are such a crazy, sweet, fun boy. I love that you are so headstrong – while it’s a challenge to parent – it can be a skill that brings unmatched success as you continue to push barriers and never say no.  I love the way you fit so well in our family – a spunky easygoing nature.  You and Landon have these great interactions that are just starting and will continue to develop over these next years. I love the way you sometimes just want your Daddy and will reach to him to be held and loved.  It is so amazing to watch how quickly you learn things.  One day you try something new and within weeks it seems you are an expert.  We are so proud of the little boy you are and the person you’re becoming.

Love, Mom and Dad


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