A “Real” Haircut

At 19 mos, Landon got his first haircut. Gigi gave it to him… Just a little trim here and there to thin it out.  Man, he lost his “baby look” after that first cut.  (Click here to see that post.) Since then, mom has given him 2-3 trims, nothing crazy, just shortening the curls.

Then this weekend, Landon went with mom for his first big boy haircut.  We headed over to Great Clips where I asked for a “summer ‘do”.  The girl cutting his hair asked a lot of questions about how I wanted it cut, and I just said, “Maybe like his daddy’s short all around and a little spikey in front, use your best judgment, you know hair, I do not.  It’ll grow back anyways!”

This is how he looked when we left the house:
haricut (1)


She went to work:
haricut (2)
(Yes, this was the ‘concerned look’ he had the ENTIRE time she was cutting his hair. Man, he did great just sitting there in the chair.)


A few after shots:
Man, he looks like a school boy now… I can’t believe he’s three, he looks 6!
haricut (4) haricut (3)



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