Guess who’s up next?

Yes, this weekend someone will be getting THEIR first cut.  After finding a little dreadlock in my 17-month-olds hair last week, we realized it’s time for Mr. Crazy Curls to get a little snip, snip up there.  I guess knowing he’s the baby, I’ve really taken my time before his first cut.  This is it… the last of his babyness.  Many of the hairs on his head have been there since birth and I’m just a little sad and sentimental about losing that last little reminder of my baby boy.  I know he’s going to look all grown up and “toddler-esque” when it’s done.

Yes Brooksie, enjoy these first curls because this weekend they will be trimmed away.

Brooks June 2013

Evidence of the dreadlock:

Yep, that’s it poking right out to the left, right where the bottle nipple is.

dreadlocks (2) dreadlocks (1)


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