Family Pics 2013

About two months ago, we ventured to the peach orchards in Fort Mill for some family pics.  You can tell it was an early morning shoot as there are “sleepy eyes” in some of the pics.  I’m so glad she caught some of the fun personality (and all of the sweetness) of my boys.

Check out some of my favorites from the day:


Brooks wanted to run off at the beginning, we had to hold onto him tight!


Typical Landon – crazy face!!


I really love these three boys.

Brooks’ look:  “I’m still unsure about this camera thing!! Dad, you’re doing this cheese thing too, right?”
fampic8 fampic9

Cheeeeeeese – Landon’s a professional at this picture time!
fampic10 fampic11

There’s the start of a smile – he’s warming up!

I really love the last couple – the solo shots.  So sweet!

Photo credit:  Chelsi Kristine Photography – she also did our pics about a year earlier when Brooks was only 6 weeks old (from my banner at the top – hopefully to be changed out soon!) 🙂


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