Dear Other Moms

Dear Other Moms,

Let’s call a truce.  Let’s say we’re all even.

You may have forgotten, we’re all on the same team.  Although sometimes it feels like we’re fighting against each other -who has the most well-mannered kids, who breastfed the best/the longest, whose kid was the quickest to sleep through the night, etc.  I know – I do it too.  Sometimes I brag when my kid does something awesome, then when I hear that Little Joey did even better, I feel like I’m not doing my job well enough.

When faced with my own challenges, I have to remember that there are days when you have parenting struggles too.  And I need to remember to cut you some slack.  To be mindful of my judgments. To remember that you’re navigating this journey at the same time – a journey that is filled with tough challenges but also ‘cant-wipe-the-grin-off-my-face’ accomplishments – the milestones we get to experience with them which are often a result of the hard parts of parenting.  The great reports at school.  The first sentences.  Learning letters.  Scoring a goal.

I know I sometimes take it out on you, Other Mom. My frustration with my own parenting challenges.  Yes, sometimes I don’t want to hear your advice.  I don’t want yet ANOTHER suggestion for how to get my kid to stop pooping his pants, or quitting the bottle.  But, I have to remember that you’ve been there, and you’re just trying to help by offering an encouragement and advice that got you through your challenges.

So, let’s make a pact. Me included. Let’s work on lifting up other moms out there.  Even the ones, like me, who seem to do it all wrong or the hard way.  Let’s make the best of the harder aspects of parenting and encourage each other while we do it.

The Mom who doesn’t have it all together.


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