I’ll give you one more hug…

Lately, Landon’s become a little daddy’s boy. He can’t get enough of him.

“Landon, come do showertime with mommy.”
“No, I want to do showertime with daddy.”

“Wanna help me make dinner?”
“No, I wanna play basketball with daddy.”

“Daddy, read this book with me so we can find Goldbug.”

“Daddy, look, I’m wearing the same shorts as you!” (Landon loves to wear basketball shorts that look just like daddy’s.)

Everything is Daddy this. Daddy that.  Daddy, daddy, daddy…. (No, I’m kidding about my envy.  Yes, while a little part of me is sad that he’s out of his Momma stage, a big part of me thinks it is just so sweet that he wants to be just like his dad.)

The other night, I was tucking Landon into bed. We said our prayers, I tucked him in with a kiss and said goodnight.  This used to be enough.

Now it’s – “Mom, can you tell dad to come in here and lay with me and give me a kiss and hug goodnight?” (insert dagger into my mommy heart.)

“Bubba, that hurts mommy’s heart when you always want daddy to come up here instead of me. Do you love your mommy?”
“Mom, I love you.  I’ll give you one more hug and kiss, and then you can go get dad for me, ok?!”

Oh be still my heart, he’s using my tricks against me. I’m always the one who, when leaving him with the nanny and after the 4th hug goodbye, says, “ok, one more hug and kiss, then mom needs to get to work.”

I hope he always has time for one more hug and kiss for his momma!


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