The Turdsicle

I recently found homemade popsicle sets at Wal-Mart.  I remember enjoying homemade pops when I was little, plus I figured with the number of times we buy go-gurt, it was worth the investment.  We could make our own ‘go-gurt’.

The next morning, before I headed to work, Landon helped me put together some samples to try.  I thought a yogurt one would be creamy but we only had Dean’s unflavored plain yogurt.  So, I used that and mixed in some cherry juice and fresh blueberries.  Then I did a couple with plain yogurt and root beer – an adult one for Dean and I to enjoy.  With the juice and soda in there, I hoped they would turn out mildly sweet but not super sugary.

We put them in the freezer and all day my boys worked on great behavior so they could get a frozen treat after dinner.

That evening, as we headed out for our family walk, I grabbed one for each of the boys.  Brooks was quickly devouring his and Landon started digging in.  Dean grabbed a root beer one for the road.

He took a bite. “Agh, what’s in here, sour milk?” he asked with a look of disgust. I could see him scraping his teeth against his tongue to get the flavor off of it!

“It’s not good?” I asked.  “I wasn’t sure how they would turn out with the plain yogurt… but we didn’t have flavored yogurt, so I went for it.”

“Um, it’s ‘tasty’!” he replied sarcastically. “Here, take a big bite!” Meanwhile, our picky-eater, Brooks, is still downing his like a crazy fool!

On our walk, I look at Dean and asked, “So, it tastes that bad?”

“It would be better if it was made of turds,” he responded.

So, turdiscle recipe noted.  I can’t wait to whip up the next batch.

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Anyone else have a #popsiclefail this summer?


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