Why I blog

I’ve had a couple friends ask me recently if I like blogging.  They asked if I think it’s too time consuming or annoying, if I get a benefit from doing it and does it take away from my daily life.  They were considering a blog and wanted my take on it since they know I’ve been doing it for a few years.  So here are a few thoughts on blogging from my perspective:

Why do you blog?
I like to blog because this is a great record of the milestones in my and my families life right now.  These years go by in a blur and as my kids change so much, I really love having this record of life from when they are little.  I know Landon is only three, but honestly, I forget so many of his Landon-isms and funny stories and I really love being able to back and remind myself of where we were with him in life.  It was also awesome for me once I had Brooks, to go back and see where Landon did certain things so I could be reminded of the timeline when they are so little – i.e. holding his bottle, sitting up, dropping from two to one nap, etc.

Is it too time consuming?
I usually try to do multiple posts at a time so instead of taking a bunch of little chunks of time every day, I try to do a weeks worth of posts at once. Especially when it comes to downloading my pictures and recording different pictures and moments from my camera. I download and prep them all at once and then I have a bunch of posts ready to go.  Candidly, I’m not a professional blogger, so I don’t sit there and read/re-read my posts, usually they are a one-and-done thing – (which I’m sure you can tell when you see a grammatical error or spelling mistake from time to time).

Do you feel you’re missing out on time with your kids/husband because of blogging?
No, I do most of my posts at the end of the day after my kids are asleep. And I do it when my husband is watching a game he wants to see or doing some IT stuff on the computer.  I don’t want my “virtual” life to interfere with my real one 🙂

Do you ever get writers block?
Yes.  Sometimes I have more blogs that I have time to write. Other times I can’t think of anything.  It will help to check out some of my other favorite blogs and get inspiration for topics to cover, if I can’t think of anything else.  I’ve noticed more recently that I think more like a blogger – something will happen and I’ll think, “that would be a great blog post.”  There have even been nights when I don’t sleep as well because I’m mentally writing a blog post.  Weird, huh?!

How long do you think you’ll blog for?
I really don’t know.  I will say I love having this “journal” of my family and our life and it’s a great way for my friends and family who don’t see us as often to keep up with our everyday life.

Recently, I saw my grandmother and she said, “It’s so weird that Landon is acting so shy and stand-offish. I feel like because I read your blog, I know him so well and I forget that he doesn’t hear about me as much as I read about him.”  (Yes, that’s right, my grandmother – Landon and Brooks’ great grandmother follows my blog – cool, huh?! 🙂 )  I hope to do it for at least the next couple years because I really love being able to capture these moments and memories for my kids while they’re at an age where they really won’t remember much of this portion of their life. What a great way to look back and see all we did together and all of their milestones!  While I have a baby book that I keep up with for each of the boys, I really give much more detail on my blog than I do in the short, 30-page book.


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