Fantastic Four Disbands

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know that my sister, Heidi, and I have shared a nanny since Landon and Harleigh were about 1.  When we were expecting our second kids, we found a new nanny  as our first was moving away.  Then after a year together, that nanny left to be a stay-at-home mom so we found a new nanny to watch the four kids  (granted it wasn’t four kids each day, it was usually three because both Landon and Harleigh are in school part-time).  Then in June, Heidi felt a calling to become a stay-at-home mom for a few years before her kids started “real school”.  Yes, she is much braver than I – and actually the perfect SAHM.  A role I’ve always thought she’d excel at – and as usual, I was right. 😉

However, becoming a SAHM meant that she wouldn’t need a nanny anymore, so alas, our kids no longer get daily playdates.  No ties aren’t cut completely – Harleigh and Landon get two days of school together each week.  Plus, we are hoping that Brooks and Lawson will be part-timers together at school in the coming months with their cousin Isla, who just started there.  Yes, soon all 5 will get to do “school” together.

Since this is still new, we’re trying to figure out ways to get the kids together, whether it’s pool time or dinner or seeing each other at a party that our kids are invited to.  But it’s definitely been a big change, not only for our kids but for us too!

Here’s a snapshot of the fantastic foursome on their last day together:

four cous

Cousin Love!!


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