Love Week – Serving Others

Our church (Elevation Church) does a great job of partnering with strong outreach ministries and supporting these groups.  During Love Week, our church commits to providing thousands of hours of service to our outreach partners. We get to go out and LOVE on our city.

Something I’ve never been very good at is giving my time by serving others.  Love Week is a great opportunity for our family to get involved and participate in some of the service projects that Elevation has lined up around our city.  After church last Sunday we helped make bags of rice meals that will go out to those in need.  This week, we’ll go out and put together care packages for Ronald McDonald house and next weekend Dean and I are signed up to donate blood.

As our kids  are getting to the age where they understand more of the things we tell them (well, Landon, so far), this was a great chance for us to talk about serving those who need us and not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk.  I hope that this is the start of our family taking some time each year to get involved with other initiatives that give back to our community.  It definitely feels great to do things for others and is such a great value to instill in our family.

love week

I want my kids to be so much better than I am in the area of service.  To be good stewards of their time.  To love giving back to their community.  To take initiative to try new things.  To support those in need financially.  To provide hope in the form of a smile, help, food, etc.

I want them to love making a difference for others.


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