God’s Love: View from the Top

I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s love lately and how relatable it is to my role as a parent.

The love I feel when I see my children’s successes.  The hurt I feel for them when I know they are struggling.  I want them  to be the best they can be for themselves, and sometimes this requires me to be more hands off and let them learn.

I’m sure God feels the same way about me as His child.  He loves my successes and hurts when I hurt.  He loves when I learn even though it might take a scrape or bruise to understand the lesson.

We’ve been going to the playground a lot lately with the kids and I always have this little “heart palpation” when my kids are on the more advanced activities.  I know I can’t keep them on the low/easy things all the time.  But the low things are where they’re less likely to get hurt.  I also know that once they overcome the challenging bridge or climbing wall, the view from the top is awesome.  So while I may wince in fear as they slip and slide their way up, I want them to have the best view and experience.  It might take a few falls and scraped knees but I love them enough to know that those are a small price to pay for the accomplishment of reaching their goal.

I’ve had some challenging days lately, a bunch of things that have caused more stress and frustration in my daily life.  But through this, I know that God is letting me work through these challenges… even with a few scrapes and bruises along the way.  And once I get through these frustrating moments, He knows I’m going to love the view from the top.


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