Future Jobs

My boys are awesome.  Completely different personalities, very similar looks.  Some things they both like.  Some things only one tends to like.

It’s funny to think about who they are now and how that is already going to shape much of their life.

Introverted vs. Extroverted
Easy-going vs. Feisty
Determined vs. Passive

I love seeing their little personalities mold based on the people they already are at 3 and 1 years old.

If I were to guess today some potential jobs for my boys based on their personalities, here’s what I would say:

Fireman – loves to be the compassionate caring one who looks out for everyone else.  Always wants to help out. Bonus:  Loves firetrucks.

Professor – this guy just loves learning and has such a great memory.  I love hearing about his day and I love the way he recognizes adult situations and discussions.  He tells me how I should help him with his letters.

Nurse – I love when he is caring for me.  If he sees me upset, he tries to figure out how to fix it.  He loves to help out – getting dad’s ice pack or filling Brooks’ cup.  He loves being my special assistant.

Professional Athlete – this kid does not give up.  Anything he does, he pushes to the max and tries so hard to keep up with his brother.  There is nothing stopping him when he wants to do it – awesome to see, challenging to parent.

Choreographer – my little guy has moves.  When there are songs on, he’s throwing his hands in the air and waving them around, cheering and grooving.  I love watching him rock out and dance so freely.

Bouncer/Security Detail – he thinks he’s the same size as his brother.  He’s occasionally started pushing his brother around – when he wants his way.  Sometimes when they are fighting over toys, he wins.  He’s a physical little boy.

What about you, if you have littles, what are some of the jobs you think they’d be perfect for based on their personalities now?

(Note: Isn’t it funny how Landon’s jobs are more based on the logical/educational side of his personality and Brooks’ based on his physical abilities… likely because at this stage in life, Brooks is too little to let me see his educational side yet! I can’t wait to see how this list changes as they get older and I can see even more of who they are!)


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