Thankful: Perfect for me

Lately, I’ve been recognizing more and more how much God has blessed me with “perfect for me” life scenarios.

I am thankful for a husband who is perfect for me.  He’s a little introverted – more of a stay-at-home kinda guy than a social butterfly, super smart, hilarious, good looking and a great daddy.  Yes – all these traits are PERFECT FOR ME.

I am thankful for kids who are perfect for me.  They are already funny, they love time with their mom (and dad), they get along so well, they are tough and rugged, they love to play, they sleep well and are absolutely adorable.  Yes, they’re PERFECT FOR ME.

I am thankful for great relationships with my parents and siblings.  I love to joke around with them, spend time with them, vacation with them and ask advice of them.  Yes, this family is PERFECT FOR ME.

I am so thankful for friends who cross my path.  The ones that hold me accountable and to higher standards, the ones that push me to expand my comfort zone and the ones that offer encouragement and a quiet ear when needed.  Wow, they are PERFECT FOR ME.

I am thankful for a job that I really enjoy doing.  One that pushes me to learn more, that is always varied, that is a fun environment and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Yes, my job is PERFECT FOR ME.

So often, I look at other people and their situations – their family life, their friendships, their careers and think of the reasons why I either 1- wish I had their life or 2- why I would never want their life.  But sometimes I forget… God has given each of us a life filled with things that are PERFECT FOR US.  I forget that my husband, kids, friends, job, family is perfect for me and while many others may or may not like my life – I sure am glad these are the people God handpicked for me.


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