Meeting Curious George

My sister and I both recently got a flyer in the mail for a “book reading event” at a local preschool.  Since both our hubbies sprained their ankles the day before, we thought it would be a great way to hang with the kids and keep them occupied on a Saturday morning which would require little assistance from the “gimpy” hubbies.

They really put on a great little kids event.

We went into the reading – of course our four kids were the ones in the back of the room doing their own “readings” for each other. Yes, Harleigh and Landon both grabbed books in the back of the classroom and were doing their own “reading to the group” while the lady in the front was doing the main reading of Curious George.

Then there was a surprise visitor – Curious George – was hanging in the hallway so the kids got to say hi and give him a high five.

Next they had the kid work on their own Curious George hats – which was great because Harleigh and Landon had crazy hat day at school the next week and their George hats were perfect for that!

At the end, they gave out snacks and you could take a picture with George – of course by the end, the kids (i.e. Brooks) were just ready to run around outside and then do naps, so we didn’t try more than one quick pic. Yes, all happy campers! 🙂

The school definitely did a great job with the event and I would do it again – especially for the older ones, the Littles might need a little more time before they are ready to sit through a long book reading with so many other things to occupy their attention! 🙂monkey read1 monkey read2



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