30 days restaurant free

After checking our budget in Mint over the past few months, Dean and I noticed we were eating out a bunch and always spending $100-200 a month on restaurants, fast food, coffee, etc.

So we challenged ourselves to a one month fast:  August was going to be restaurant free for us.  No running through Subway after a big grocery shopping trip, no date nights at restaurants or eating out at work.  We’re halfway through the month and it’s going pretty well.

I allowed us one “freebie” last Friday because Jets Pizza (we’d never been there before or heard of it) was doing” free kids pizza and see the firetrucks” event (yes, they let the kids play with all their gear, sit in the driver seat and pretend they were on the squad – my kids LOVED it!). I knew we had to let Landon ride in the firetruck and he didn’t want to leave!

There are definitely nights and times where I just want to grab something quick and free myself from the kitchen, but we’ve done a good job planning our meals and both handling the cooking and cleaning.  I’ll be interested to see how our grocery bill looks for the month and if it’s much larger because we didn’t do any meals out.

It’s definitely been a good change of pace for us – we’re eating healthier (for the most part) and I’m sure our bank account will thank us.  But I’m also looking forward to a dinner date night out with my hubs in September 🙂


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