If I could freeze time

I really, really love this age for my kids.

I love Brooks at 1.5 years old. The way he can communicate with us – his little sentences that tell us what he wants or needs. We don’t have to guess as much.  The way he has started to understand some concepts.  How he thinks the littlest things are SO FUN!  The way he is in a constant good mood – always happy and smiling when I come get him out of his crib.  The way he still is a little baby in my arms, but he’s also so much of a little boy.  I love that he has his own mannerisms and quirks that show regularly now.  His personality is on full display and he’s become somewhat predictable in his nature. I love that he really loves to read books now and not just flip through the pages, but points out things and tells me what they are.  I love that he can carry on “somewhat” of a conversation with me.  I love that he does things for himself now – like pulling up a chair to the counter when he wants to help with dinner, or a stool to the sink to wash his hands.  I love that he absolutely adores his mommy and daddy and brother. I love how he asks me for ‘ugs and kisses and tells me “I ‘ov you” every day.  And the way he looks so peaceful as he sleeps – with his blankie and puppy tucked under his arm.

I love that Landon is 3.5 years old. Yes, there are moments where we get the firm no or the little talk back, but for the most part he’s a sweet, easygoing, caring and thoughtful little boy.  I love that he loves an adventure – whether it be a trip to the store or a walk around the block.  And the way he uses his imagination now – we are constantly living in a world of pretend (whether it’s a pretend phone call on his “cell phone” (i.e. toy radio/ipod) or making up his own ending to the bedtime story we’re reading. I love that he can play games now and gets it. He knows to get all the greens or reds, or he understands how to find the matches.  I love that he’s self-sufficient – he goes potty on his own and gets his drink on his own.  He also loves being a helper – running a ‘special mission’ for Brooks’ shoes upstairs or helping fold the laundry with us.  I love that he’s happy and bubbly (at least 85% of the time!) and I love that even when he’s grouchy a few minutes in “rest time” will often do the trick.  I love how he still gives his blankie a huge sniff when he comes in from a day at school, comforted the same way he was when he was only 6 months old.  I love that he always wants both his mom and dad to tuck him in and snuggle. And that he asks for snuggles daily.

Oh my sweet little boys, if I could freeze time, this would be it. These are my absolute favorite ages and I can’t get enough of it – the smiles, the kisses, the snuggles, the smarts, the crazies, the everything.


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