Yes, even daddy plays at the park

Last weekend we celebrated Landon’s halfbirthday… man this kid lucked out this year. He got a small family celebration on his real bday – in March. We did his OUTDOORS 3rd birthday party a couple weeks ago – it was huge and awesome and there are posts coming soon with lots of pictures! And then he got to celebrate his true halfbirthday on Sunday.

What did we do to celebrate?

Well, we did a family day at the park – one that we don’t go to often, which was a great change from the norm. Then we came home and opened presents (there were about half of the presents from his bday party still to open) and then we had his favorite dinner – mac n cheese with octopus hot dogs – and finished with a cupcake.

Landon reminded us at least 4 times during the day that we needed to sing him the birthday song. So we had lots of improptu renditions of Happy Halfbirthday to you – while making breakfast, cooking dinner, cleaning up the toys, etc!

I love celebrating my kiddos!







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