Awesome birthday presents

If you didn’t already know, this past weekend I celebrated the big 3-2. Yes, my knees feel older already – they creak and lock up more than ever! 🙂

And if you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I’m not a big presents person. I love time spent doing things together, words of affirmation or back rubs.  And cupcakes – lots of cupcakes!

So here were my best birthday presents this weekend.  And you’ll note that none of them were actual “gifts”:

1. Dean telling me the 7 things he loves most about me – and they were good ones – with examples. This was by far my favorite.

2. Landon telling me that he “loved me too much” because it was my birthday.

3. Brooks giving me extra kisses and hugs. He is all about the hugs and kisses these days. And I love them – even his boogery ones!

4. My one hour backrub from Dean without complaint.

5. Eating sushi three times.

6. Having a date night with my mom.  These are the best because we always crack each other up.  (This may have something to do with the fact that the last two times I’ve gone to get a pedicure with her, I’ve broken my flop on the way out and had to go out to dinner with one jacked up shoe!)

7. A date night with my hubs where we hit up two restaurants – one for apps and one for the main course.  (Thanks sister for the babysitting share!)

8. An offer accepted on a house.  (Yes that’s right – after 3 years of hunting and maybe 8, 9 offers – who’s counting at this point?! we are finally under contract with a  house we love.) Yay!

Who knows, 32 may be my best year yet!!


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