Sometimes you gotta have cake before dinner.

I’m not always a cool and fun mom.  Yes, my boys love their mom, but I’m a pretty strict parent.  I figure start out strict now and then loosen the reigns as they get older.

But you always win mom-of-the-year when you give your kids cake BEFORE dinner.

On Monday night, dinner still had about 20 mins of cooking and everyone was hungry, so I did what any fun mom would do and asked the boys if they wanted a cupcake BEFORE dinner.

Of course, cupcake dinner was a hit.  And the pork and rice casserole for dessert weren’t bad either!

Brooks kept singing “Happy Day!  Happy Day!” (which is his version of “Happy Birthday to you…”) as he gobbled up his sweet treat.

I love doing fun, little things like this with my kids.  We can’t take ourselves too seriously all the time, right?!


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