Favorite things to come home to.

Some nights I just love walking into my house from work.  Here are the things I love for a great evening with my three boys:

1. Walking past some beautiful artwork – including Landon practicing his name.

so proud

Look at the one he did solo – all the letters are there, just in a crazy order. So proud.

2. Dinner started or ready. I love when the hubs is already cooking something and it’s almost time to sit and eat.

3. I love the welcome I get when my little guys are in a great mood and run to greet me at the door.  It makes my heart happy.

4. Either a busy, planned night or an easy relaxing night.  I love them both – tackling things from my to do list or hanging with the kids and hubby with no agenda.  As long as I get some of each of these nights every week, I’m a happy girl.

5. TV-free time with the family – either playing a game or hanging out. And a good conversation at dinner 🙂

6. And I really feel accomplished if I also get in my Quiet time and a run.  Wow, that makes for a full evening that I love.

What makes your evening perfect? How do you like to come home?


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