Letters to Brooks: Another Last First

Dear Brooks,

As my baby, when you hit your milestones it makes me a little sad.  Yes, of course I am thrilled that you are learning new things, but also sad because as my baby, you are the last one to hit the milestones.  You’ve accomplished the last “first step” and last “first bite of real food”.

In just a few weeks, you’ll be doing another last “first” as you’ll be starting ‘school’.  I know you’re going to love your class and friends. I know you’ll love the activities each day, playing with tons of new toys and (of course) snack time.  (You have your mommy’s DNA!)

And as my little one, I know it’s another milestone crossed off the list.  You’ll walk into your classroom and I’ll walk out a ball of tears.  I don’t know yet if you’ll cling to my leg or jump headfirst into the fun, but I do know that you are going to get tons of new experiences being in your class.  You’ll learn to share and be a good friend. You’ll learn more than numbers and letters, but you’ll learn about other people – and other personalities. You’ll make friends and lose friends. And this is just the beginning of more milestones for my sweet baby boy.

So, as we prepare for your first days of school, know how proud I am of all your milestones thus far and all the ones to come.  I am so blessed to call you mine.



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