Giving it to God is hard.

My husband will attest that lately I have been grouchier than normal.  We have a lot going on with packing to move.  A lot of extras on our calendar. Brooks starting school soon. Getting our house ready for a renter. Finding a renter.  The stress of writing a big check for closing. Etc.

And in some of these situations things seem out of control for me.  The timelines are long. The work to do is time consuming. And I have to trust God to provide in many instances.

Sometimes when others are going through challenging situations, I give the advice – “trust God and He’ll provide for you”.

But when you’re the person in the challenging situation it can be hard to give it to God.  It’s hard to give Him the control when you want the reigns.  So instead, I’m trying to remember.

I’m remembering times that have been hard work and how God steered me through.
I’m remembering ways God has calmed me in times where I was stressed.
I’m remembering the instances when God had the perfect timeline for me, even though I couldn’t see it until I was through it.
I’m remembering His faithfulness when I thought it wouldn’t happen.

I’m remembering that He is the one guiding me through this time and while I still struggle with what looks like a busy road ahead, I know that we’ll be in a new season soon and I’ll look back on these months as a reminder of how God came through, once again.



  1. I know exactly how you feel! It can be so overwhelming, but take things slow and don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to focus on the wonderful blessings He has given you with the gift of a brand new home! My renter situation is always lingering over our head – but I try to focus on the positives and even though it’s not always an ideal situation, He always blesses us with a solution and we are also learning and growing from these challenges too! We’re thinking and praying for you as you go through these changes!

      1. I have your house warming gift in the mail from etsy! Looking forward to giving it to you once you guys are settled in. 🙂

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