Dear House

Dear House,

I’m sorry but I’m in love with another.  I’m hoping that over time, we’ll get to know each other better and become really close.  But right now, you’re foreign to me.  I don’t know where the light switches are and I don’t confidently walk through at night, knowing the turns and steps to get to each room.  I don’t sleep soundly yet, because it feels more like a night at a friends than home.

The other night I saw my old love.  I knew her switches instantly and it was so familiar to walk through her corridors.  I miss her a little bit.  The sense of home and familiarity she brought me.  We had so many memories together and it was hard not to relive them.  Lots of firsts took place in those walls and I know someday we’ll be saying the same about you.

Someday… but not yet.

Resident Mom


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