Dr Suess 3rd Birthday Party

Two months ago I shared that we threw a Dr Suess themed party for Landon and Harleigh (my niece).  My sister hosted it at her house and it was awesome.  My sister and I love throwing parties together because 1. our kids are only 3 days apart 2. they have the same exact friends 3. we can combine party budgets and do one big celebration

Apologies in advance for the millions of pics on the party details.  I figure if anyone out there wants Dr. Suess themed party ideas, they might get some ideas from our party.

Pics: 1/Since the party was in the backyard we made a sign sending people around back. 2/ the view as you headed around to the backyard 3/the welcome sign and balloons 4/suessical directional sign 5/the view from the backyard of all the activities

BDay Details1

1&2/ the food table with lots of suess books scattered throughout 3/cat in the hat melon hats (watermelon and cantaloupe on skewers) 4/sneech veggies – carrots and celery in ranch dip with star painted cups 5/one fish, two fish, green fish, goldfish!

Bday details2


1&2/green eggs and ham sandwiches (the green eggs – yolk was dyed mustard on white American slices cut into egg shapes with sliced ham) 3/ red fish, blue fish, snocone fish – a take off of the fishbowl in cat in the hat. Blue (water) sno cones with Swedish fish. The sno cone holder was just a decorated shoe box that could hold “prepared sno cones” 4&5/the sno cone and cotton candy (“Horton hears a who puffs”) in action. 6/we had some real fish join the party.

bday details3


1&2/ the bounce house was perfect – we had tons of kids and they went crazy playing in it. we also set up a smaller ball pit and slide area for the little siblings who came to the party. This way they wouldn’t get railroaded by the bigger kids in the bounce house. 3/ the under the tent area where the cupcakes ended up. lots of great suess décor from the dollar bins at Target.  4/ we made a face in the hole for the kids (and adults) to enjoy as they headed into the party.

bday details4

1&2/ under the tent décor – the big 3, lots of Suess books and playing cards 3/ the cupcake table with Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes, Horton hears a who toppers and Sneech themed toppers 4&5/ Thank you giveaways – Swedish fish and Suess crayons with the note “One fish, Two fish, thank you for coming fish”

bday details5

More pics to come next week of our actual birthday kids.  The best kind of pics!

I love all the details and fun that comes with planning a great event for the kids. And I love sharing the work and planning with my sister. It really makes our kids parties fun for me!  (And she REALLY loves that I try to think of tons of little time-consuming additions to each party!)



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