God’s Rejection is my Protection

“God’s rejection is my protection.”

This phrase has been running through my head a lot lately.

With several things falling through at the last minute, changes to our family systems and things I expected to happen that didn’t, I’ve been feeling pressure lately. Add on top the little frustrations that come with moving and change (i.e. running into the garage and scraping up my car) and there have been several days where I’ve shared my frustrations in tears with my husband.

The one thing that is keeping me going is continuing to repeat the mantra over and over – “God’s rejection is my protection”. Because when something I expected to turn out doesn’t, or when our systems change, I can easily get frustrated and assume that because a couple things aren’t going my way, that my life is in meltdown mode. I have to remember that God has His hand on everything we are doing and He is allowing things to fall through so that better things can fall into place.

It’s definitely an area of my life that he’s working on lately. Trusting Him when it feels like chaos surrounds me. Trusting that I’ll look back on this time and smile knowing how it all turned out. Trusting that this challenge is only preparing me for other bigger challenges that I am sure to face down the road.

So the mantra continues… “God’s rejection is my protection.” And I will work to trust that great things are on the horizon!


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