Sweet Moments

– Landon coming over to help me unload the dishwasher. There was no request for help, he just wanted to be a big helper.

– The warm welcome I got from my two little guys when I walked in the door after work.

– Brooks asking to sit on my lap so he could cuddle with me after nap time.

– Landon and Brooks giving each other kisses.

– Brooks asking for “Hugs” when I leave for work. And then as I release he asked for “anudder one”.

– My husband asking if I want a back rub after a busy day. Yes, please.

– Harleigh and Landon insisting on holding hands whenever they are together.

– Landon telling me he watches for Brooks during outside time at school to make sure that he’s ok. (Such a good big brother.)

– Brooks grabbing my phone and trying to call Daddy. “Hi Daddy, Hewwo Daddy,” he said into a phone that was not ringing, but was showing Daddy’s picture.


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