Recipe: Hamburger Stromboli

I was inspired to do something different than normal when I bought my pizza dough recently. Instead of my usual pizza one, I wanted to try something new.  I tried the spaghetti-filled Stromboli a few weeks ago and it turned out pretty good, but still wanted something that wasn’t Italian.  So I decided to go completely Americana and do a hamburger Stromboli.

Kids loved it. Hubs loved it. I thought it was pretty good, too.

Here’s what I did:

Hamburger Stromboli
1/ In a skillet, brown a lb of beef, half a container of sliced mushrooms and a half a chopped onion. When cooked, add in 3 tbsp. of mustard, 3 tbsp. of ketchup and 2 tbsp. of steak sauce.  (I wanted the meat mixture to taste “burgery”.)
2/ On floured and rolled out pizza dough, spread the meat mixture down the middle evenly.
3/ Top with cheese – I used provolone slices and then shredded cheddar – use whatever cheese you like on your burger!
4/ Add some mustard and ketchup on top and cover with sliced dill pickles (don’t use bread and butter pickles, yuck!)
5/ Roll up sides and top with oil and sesame seeds. I also sprinkled some garlic salt to flavor my “bun”. Bake for about 15-22 mins at 375′ (turn up heat to broil for last 60-90 seconds to get a nice toasted top – but watch closely!)
6/ Slice and serve with ketchup and mustard to dip.

hamb hamb2

Would you add anything else to your burger? Maybe jalapenos for some kick?


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