Making our own traditions

To my two little boys –

You guys are both at the age where you are starting to understand things we do and say… especially you, Landon.

So this year, we’re going to have our best holidays yet.  We’re going to start our own traditions and carry on some of the traditions that Daddy and I had when we were younger.  We’re going to do crafts, make treats, sing songs, watch movies and read stories.  We’re going to put up lights and decorate the house.  We’re going to go special places and participate in special activities.

I can’t wait to drive through McAdenville and check out all the beautiful Christmas lights.  I can’t wait to see how Brooks during his first time on Santa’s lap (ooops, we missed last year!).  There are going to be lots of marshmallows in our hot chocolate while we watch Christmas movies like Home Alone and Grinch.  I’m sure you guys will go overboard on decorating your Christmas cookies and Christmas (ice cream cone) trees. I have no doubt you’ll be adorable on stage for your school Christmas performance.  And our first LONG road trip to Maryland will be memorable (pray for us!).

I can’t wait to make traditions with you.  To celebrate my favorite time of year as our little family.  And to do it all with a spirit of gratefulness and thanksgiving for all we have.

I love you boys!


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