Seeing it through their eyes

This holiday season, we’re trying to take it slow despite the forced hustle and bustle of the season.  I want a low key Christmas – without a ton of shopping for unneeded presents that will quickly fade to the bottom of the toy chest.  Instead, I want to live through the eyes of my kids.  Lately, I’m remembering the same joys that they are experiencing.

The excitement that comes from a flashlight dancing across a dark room.

The thrill of a miniature truck with working doors!

The joy of Christmas lights – anywhere and everywhere – “Mom, look at those beautiful Christmas lights,” rings from my backseat each time we pass a decorated house.  Imagine how excited they’ll be now that everyone is going to begin decorating for the season.

The smile in their eyes as they dance to the beat of a Christmas song – especially one they can sing along with.

The happiness in their voice when I tell them, “no, I don’t have to go to work today, we get to hang out together all day.”

The thrill of sitting at the top of a tall slide, anticipating the butterflies as they slide down.  They don’t look as daunting when you are adult-size but I love remembering the excitement sitting at the top!

I love remembering the little things.  The things that made me smile as a kid are the same things lighting up my kids faces!

We are living Christmas through their eyes again and it makes the holiday season that much more meaningful.




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